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Mystical Horses

The Flow of Freedom
Horses encompass the totality of the moment and all life has to offer, whether galloping effortlessly across the landscape or in the next moment standing peacefully still. Their hearts beat with the flow of freedom, their breath deep and full with the consciousness and wisdom of truth and All there is. Every footfall is in perfect tandem with each moment, each day and each season. Their entire being resonates with the flow and beauty of life itself.

A World of Wisdom
Horses are powerful and mystical. They connect us to a world of wisdom, truth and nature; to a world that nurtures our soul and supports our spiritual growth.

For the most part horses are silent yet their communication skills far surpass our own. The ancient saying “Those who speak do not know, and those who know do not speak”, exemplifies this clearly. Their 'language' is non-verbal. They speak volumes through the silence and through the heart connection. When we step into silence our minds still, our hearts open and a magnificent world unfolds. Horses willingly and consciously connect us to this magnificent world and way of being. To a place our heart and soul yearn to be, a place of authenticity and freedom. We can then see and feel the extraordinary in the ordinary world.

The Journey
This is an inward journey home to our authentic selves, inner wisdom, truth, power and peace.

Follow your heart; let the horses lead the way.

May the horses be with you.

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