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Muttluks' Story

The Anahata Horse Center is a division of Muttluks Inc. Muttluks, a manufacturer of dog boots, pet apparel and pet beds, was founded by Marianne Bertrand in 1994. Muttluks has attended three corporate leadership FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) workshops since 2008. The immensely transformational impact the horses had on Muttluks, Marianne’s personal growth and healing experiences through personal FEEL workshops, as well as the impact of experiences with her own horses, set the impetus for her to become a certified FEEL practitioner and found the Anahata Horse Centre.

Muttluks participated in corporate leadership FEEL workshops at Horse Spirit Muttluks participated in corporate leadership FEEL workshops at Horse Spirit Connections in Tottenham, Ontario. The results were dramatic and profound. Each employee stepped out of “their stories” and into their strength and power. Team communication skills and synergy soared.

The horses led Muttluks inward where each team member found their own unique leadership skills. The horses created a gentler more power shift than Muttluks could have achieved on its own. Through this process a great Muttluks team was born. The team is now affectionately known as the “Muttluks Mushers”. Marianne Bertrand is the “Sherpaw”. Other team members include Chief Central Paw, Techno Mutt, Deal Digger, Dogma, Pet Peeve Processor and the Money Mutt.

The horses were instrumental and invaluable in bringing Muttluks to where it is today. We welcome their guidance on our journey ahead. We will continue to incorporate horses as an integral part of the Muttluks’ “team” and growth.

muttluks story

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