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Anahata Horse Centre

Anahata is the Sanskrit word for heart. The Anahata Horse Centre (AHC) is a place where horse, heart and human meet as one creating a profound inner healing and growth process.

Workshops or Private Sessions
AHC offers FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) workshops or one on one sessions facilitating personal growth, deepening of self awareness and intuitive insight through the wisdom of the horse. Experience the way of the horse through interactive ground exercises only – no horse or riding experience necessary.

Free Workshop
Like us on facebook or just simply click the like button at the top of any of our pages to be eligible for a free workshop or private session. Visit the free workshop page for details.

Gentle and Transformational

Sensitive and authentic by nature, horses have a lot to offer humans who generally live in competitive, tense, high paced and technological world. The gentle and transformational process of working with horses enables you to:

  • Learn the art of listening and non-verbal communication
  • Understand the depth and wisdom of your body’s intelligence
  • Understand the message behind the emotions
  • Enhance Self awareness and intuitive skills
  • Build Self confidence and align with your strengths
  • Experience empowerment and inner balance
  • Experience the power of being in the moment
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Re-connect with your Authentic self and voice
  • Discover your own inner wisdom through the wisdom of the horse

Horse Wisdom
Gifted teachers and emotional geniuses, horses are capable of facilitating a deep and lasting healing process. They live in the moment, understating the infinite beauty, power and possibilities contained within every moment. Their understanding comes from their ability to embody emotions and treat them all as welcome information.  This is the source of their freedom, balance, grace and wisdom.

Horses teach us about authenticity and congruency. That power and peace come when we are able to truly be ourselves without suppressing the flow or sensations of emotions or feelings. They gracefully bring us out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies. They give us the courage to face our fears and connect with our whole authentic selves.

Impeccable Reflection
Horses sense and mirror our inner emotional state and beliefs back to us. They gently assist us in shifting our perception inward, in seeing our inner truths. They impart us with the wisdom of emotional intelligence and agility; helping us in understanding the power and flow of the full spectrum of emotions and ourselves. Their caring nature gently guides us to re-connect with our authentic self, inner wisdom, intuitive sense, power and freedom. To be fully present in the moment and experience all that life has to offer.

Heart and Soul
Horses have supported us physically throughout time. Now at a time when we need it most, they support our hearts and souls, if we let them.

phone: 613-332-6597 email: marianne@muttluks.com