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Creating Life Balance

Allow horses to help you restore balance, flow and joy to your life, heart and soul!

Horse Wisdom
Gifted teachers and emotional geniuses, horses are capable of facilitating a deep and lasting healing process. They gently teach us how to restore the freedom, balance, flow, grace and joy within ourselves and our lives. They give us the courage to face our fears and live life from the heart.

In the Moment
As humans living in today's industrialized world and hurried pace we may find ourselves living a life that is out of balance. With the moment that is here and now, the one we stand in at all times, often going unnoticed.

Horses Approach Life Differently
They understand the infinite beauty, power and possibilities contained within every moment. Their understanding comes from their ability to embody emotions and treat them as welcome information. This is the true source of their freedom, balance, flow and wisdom. With this wisdom they gently teach us how to be present and find the strength in each moment, how to learn from our emotions and bring ourselves back into balance.

Allow the horses to gracefully assist you with:

  • Restoring balance to your life, heart and soul
  • Knowing your inner truth, power and freedom
  • Enhancing your intuitive skills
  • Learning the message and power behind imbalances and emotions
  • Healing through understanding and empowerment
  • Truly leading your life and connecting with your dreams in the present

Horses are inspiring and gifted teachers who willingly and gracefully assist us on the journey of transformation and life.

The workshop involves fun and interactive ground exercises with horses. It does not include riding or mounted work. Includes lunches, snacks and all workshop supplies.

Workshops Dates
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Location Cost
July 6 & 7 Bancroft, ON

$295.00 plus taxes
$175.00 non-refundable deposit secures your space.

phone: 613-332-6597 email: marianne@muttluks.com